Can IV Therapy Support Weight Loss?

Raise your hand if you want to shed some extra pounds, but nothing you try seems to work. No matter how many new diets you try, exercise classes you attend, or apps you download to count calories, your body stubbornly refuses to let go of a single ounce! 

We get it. For many people, losing weight can be a difficult — and often disheartening — battle. But guess what? You can use metabolism drips to give your weight loss efforts a boost.

IV therapy can help you target body fat and reach your health goals, all thanks to a little nutrient called choline. 

Can IV Therapy Support Weight Loss?

Most Popular IV For Weight Loss

The Myers' Cocktail IV package is our most popular for those looking to add IV therapy to thier diet and workout routines. This IV packs a blast of hydration with key vitamins your body needs.
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What is Choline?

Choline is a nutrient found naturally in meat, fish, dairy, and eggs. This nutrient plays an important role in many body functions, as it regulates memory and mood and forms membranes around our cells. 

However, perhaps one of the most interesting benefits of choline is its potential as a weight loss aid. Choline helps control fat and cholesterol buildup, and some research even suggests that it may help the body burn more fat. 

While choline’s use as a weight-loss tool is still being researched, the National Institutes of Health has confirmed that a lack of choline may contribute to dangerous health conditions. Individuals with low choline levels are more likely to develop nonalcoholic fatty liver disease or cardiovascular disease. 

It is clear that choline is essential for a healthy body and with an IV treatment, you can get the choline you need to be your healthiest and slimmest self.

How IV Therapy Can Boost Your Metabolism

Our popular IV therapy to support weight loss is the Myers’ Cocktail IV drip. This treatment is the whole package, containing everything you need to improve your health and support your weight loss journey. 

All of our IVs are also fully customizable to meet your specific health and fitness goals. We offer several add-ins you can put in your IV to help target specific aspects of your body and your health. 

Do you want to maximize the fat burn when you hit the gym? Adding vitamin C to your IV weight loss infusion could potentially help you oxidize 30% more fat!

Want to be able to exercise more often (and feel more comfortable in-between sweat sessions)? Make sure your IV includes zinc to help you recover from muscle soreness more quickly.

And if you want to target fatty deposits in the body, add some methionine inositol choline (MIC) to your IV fluids for a weight loss cocktail that could make a huge difference in your waistline. 

Key Ingredients for a Weight Loss Myer's Cocktail

Our Myer's Cocktail package features six vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy. We can include any of these nutrients in your weight loss IV:

  • Normal saline: All of our IVs have a base of normal saline, a hydrating combination of water and sodium chloride.
  • Vitamin B12 and vitamin B complex: B vitamins act as building blocks for your cells and neurological system, helping you maintain energy.
  • Vitamin C: Vitamin C protects your cells from free radicals and supports muscle structure.
  • Zinc: Zinc boosts your immune system and helps your body restore damaged tissue.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium supports circulatory health for physical activity and general well-being.
  • Glutathione: As an antioxidant, glutathione defends your body from free radicals.

Additional add-ins available 

  • L-carnitine: L-carnitine may reduce fat mass while increasing muscle mass.

How Can IV Therapy Support Weight Loss?

During weight loss, IV therapy can support healthy eating and exercise. These IVs don't cause weight loss on their own — instead, they give your body extra nutrition while you make lifestyle changes. Weight loss IV therapy can help provide this support in numerous ways.

Targeting Fat Deposits and Mass

Research suggests that MIC and l-carnitine could help you remove fat and build muscle. While MIC targets fatty deposits, l-carnitine reduces fat mass and enhances muscle mass.

Maintaining Energy Levels

Nutrients such as B vitamins help you maintain your energy levels by supporting cell and nerve health. Certain vitamin deficiencies can result in lower energy levels, making weight loss and daily function harder. By improving your vitamin intake with an IV, you can maintain your energy levels for healthy food preparation and exercise.

Can IV Therapy Support Weight Loss?

Enhancing Hydration

An IV provides immediate hydration through normal saline. The sodium chloride in this solution restores your electrolytes and increases the fluid that supports your cells. It allows the water in the IV to provide better hydration and delivers the IV nutrients to your system. Remember to drink plenty of water while you work toward your weight loss goals.

Improving Recovery After Exercise

After physical activity, your body needs to rebuild tissue and restore fluids. A Myer's Cocktail IV includes nutrients and hydration for better recovery after your exercise. Vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C and zinc help your body build new muscle as it heals from physical activity.

Supporting Cells and Tissues

As you lose weight, your cells and tissues go through many processes that can benefit from nutrients that support them. Our IVs contain antioxidants and nutrients that promote cell growth to help your body adapt to the changes that happen during weight loss.

It’s important to note that the Myers’ Cocktail will NOT burn fat for you; it will simply support your current weight loss efforts and make them more effective. The vitamins in this IV will help fight fatigue, give you more energy, and promote healthy cells and tissue throughout your body. 

This will enhance your overall sense of wellness and give you the strength you need to lose weight and feel amazing. 

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