IV Treatment for Athletic Performance in Texas

As an athlete, you’re all about pushing your body to its limits. You want to train harder, run faster, climb higher, and do everything you can to reach that next level.

However, after every great workout comes a great period of rest. And thanks to Lone Star IV Medics, you can take resting to the next level, too! We have several IV therapy options that are ideal for athletes looking for fast recovery.

IV Treatment for Athletic Performance in Texas

Most Popular IV for Athletes

Our most popular IV package for athletic recovery and preparation is the Myers' Cocktail.

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IV Therapy for Athletes

After a hard workout, many athletes struggle with issues like muscle cramps and fatigue. The fact is that many of these issues stem from one major problem: dehydration. Working out causes your body to lose fluids, and if you want to feel better, you need to replenish them right away. 

Using IVs for sports recovery allows you to flood your cells with the fluids and nutrients you lost during your workout. This leads to fast relief (faster than you’d get from only drinking water or taking supplements) so you can recover quickly and get back to the activities you love. 

Most Popular IV Therapy for Athletes

If you’re an athlete looking to enhance your training routine, our Performance Plus IV is our most popular. With a unique blend of vitamins and nutrients, this infusion will help take you to the next level anytime you’re on the field, court, track, or at the gym.

With Performance Plus, you’ll replenish lost fluids, relieve muscle aches, and bounce back from even the toughest workout much more quickly. And when you get your IV recovery from Lone Star IV Medics, you can enjoy all these perks without even leaving your living room. Our team of healthcare providers will come to you and help you rest and recover from the comfort of your home, office, or hotel. 

When Should Athletes Use Performance Plus?

Most people consider IV therapy for athletes as a post-workout regimen. And while it’s true that a Performance Plus infusion can be helpful after a workout, it can also be a great pre-workout booster. The taurine and vitamin B-12 in our IV give you an all-natural energy boost, so you can tackle your next game, race, or workout with renewed gusto.

Whether you want a pre-workout energy boost or a post-workout recovery session, Lone Star IV Medics can give you the treatment you need to feel your best. Book your appointment today, and see the benefits of a Performance IV drip for yourself!

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