Mobile IV Therapy in Portland, TX

Mobile IV Therapy in Portland, TX

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Whether you want to spend the day splashing at the beach, casting a line at Indian Point Fishing Park and Pier, or checking out the nightlife in nearby Corpus Christi, you’ll need to feel your best. If you need help energizing for a big outing or recovering afterward, IV therapy in Portland can help.

IV vitamin therapy in Portland, TX, provides an infusion of vitamins, minerals, and hydration directly into your body for optimal absorption. Lone Star IV Medics make it easy to support your health by offering mobile IV therapy in Portland, TX. 

Recover Fast with IV Therapy in Portland, TX

There’s so much to see and do in Portland that you don’t want to miss a minute of it if you’re feeling tired or unwell. IV vitamin therapy in Portland, TX, can help in so many different ways. Feeling run down after a long week at a stressful job? The vitamins and minerals in IV therapy can help you feel re-energized, so you can make the most of the weekend.

Need to recover after partying it up for a big occasion? IVs are great for fast rehydration and can even make you feel better after the occasional hangover. Whether you want to recover from a recent illness, an extra tough workout, or just the stress of everyday life, a vitamin infusion in Portland can help.

Some of the most common conditions we support are:

Many of our clients also use vitamin infusions in Portland as a regular part of their health routine. Learn more about all our different IV treatments

How Much Does Mobile IV Therapy Cost in Portland, TX?

You can’t put a value on feeling good, but that doesn’t mean you want to break the bank in order to protect your health. That’s why we try to keep the cost of our IV therapy in Portland reasonable. Our lowest-cost option is pure saline, which can be an excellent choice if you want to rehydrate fast. If you’ve been spending time outdoors in the hot Texas sun or are recovering from a dehydrating illness, choose our saline option for just $100.

You can then begin including vitamin and medicinal add-ins to your IV starting at just $25 per add-in. We also offer a range of pre-made vitamin infusions. Each can be used for different circumstances depending on our needs and goals. 

Take a look at all our pricing packages.

How to Book a Mobile IV in Portland, TX

The last thing you want to do when you’re feeling exhausted or under the weather is to travel to a clinic to receive treatment. That’s why our team in Portland will travel to you. When you book a treatment on our website, a healthcare provider can often be at your home, office, or hotel room in less than an hour.

They will then perform a short health history and assessment and help you decide on the right IV therapy for you based on your goals. The technician will then set up the IV and monitor you throughout the entire process, which only takes 45-60 minutes before you’re feeling like yourself again.

We are proud to provide mobile IV therapy in Portland and throughout Texas. Take a look at the other locations we serve.

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