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Lone Star IV Medics offers Mansfield IV therapy that is convenient, effective, and fast-acting. Let us be your trusted wellness partner in sickness and in health. We use medical-grade ingredients in all of our drip IVs for powerful rehydration and revitalization that supports your well-being. Make a positive change in your health and book an appointment with Lone Star IV Medics today.

When you rely on us for IV therapy in Mansfield, you enjoy the comfort and convenience of treatment in your home, office, or another location that works best for you. All you have to do is relax during the 45 to 60 minute IV therapy session, which is a big difference compared to waiting for treatment in a hospital emergency room or urgent care clinic. The quality of our services and our IV packages sets us apart.

Skilled healthcare providers meet the highest standards for patient care and safety while they perform infusions. We also have the expertise of a consulting doctorally prepared pharmacist (Pharm.D.) and naturopathic doctor (N.D.), along with a board-certified physician (M.D. or D.O.) who offers medical direction. Our goal is to bring you the best results.

Uses of IV Therapy Near Mansfield, TX

IV therapy has many uses, making this a versatile treatment method that helps you achieve your wellness goals. Infusing fluids packed with vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes into the bloodstream delivers incredible potency that you can’t get with most oral medications.

You’ll find symptom relief when you alleviate dehydration with IV fluids. IV therapy, such as the Myers’ Cocktail or Immune Plus, works well when you’re suffering from illnesses, food poisoning, hangovers, or the effects of chronic health conditions such as migraines. Athletes often turn to IV treatment before or after strenuous workouts to elevate their performance. And many people use regular IV sessions to increase energy or, in the case of NAD+, complement their anti-aging efforts.

We can help find the right treatment for you so you get the results you want. Once you select your IV, you can also customize it with your choice of supplements or medications. Lone Star IV Medics offers exceptional mobile IVs in Mansfield.

Experience the Benefits of Mansfield IV Hydration Therapy

While we all know the importance of drinking water, situations happen where we quickly become dehydrated, like excessive exercise. When this occurs, drinking water alone is often insufficient to restore your body to its needed nutrient levels.

Since our IVs go directly to the bloodstream, you may start to feel your dehydration symptoms improve in as little as 30 minutes. Other ingredients, such as B complex and B12, can help relieve symptoms like fatigue to get you feeling better faster.

Relieve the Symptoms of Food Poisoning With IV Infusion in Mansfield

Food poisoning can result from numerous factors, like E. coli or salmonella and be a sour end to a great meal. Our IV infusion therapy can help relieve symptoms such as nausea and vomiting while helping your body restore natural vitamins and nutrients.

Some ingredients in our IV infusion therapy for food poisoning include:

  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B Complex

Feel Great After a Night out With Our IV Therapy for Hangovers

After spending a great night out with your friends, the last thing you want is to wake up feeling not so great. Since most hangovers result from dehydration, our IV therapy can aid in replenishing nutrients while eliminating your hangover symptoms.

Our IV therapy for hangovers contains Vitamin B and C, which help to reduce fatigue and support immune health. Each bag also includes glutathione, which neutralizes free radicals that could damage cells.

Get Back to Feeling Your Best With IV Therapy for Morning Sickness

Pregnancy can cause your body to experience an influx of hormones. While some of the symptoms of these hormones are harmless, like cravings, they can cause some less desirable symptoms, such as morning sickness. While the last thing you may want after vomiting from morning sickness is something to eat or drink, it's vital to maintain your fluids.

With our IV vitamin therapy in Mansfield, you can still get the nutrients you need without eating. Our IVs go into the bloodstream, meaning your body will receive nutrients directly, and you will feel better faster.

Relieve Migraines With IV Therapy

Whether your migraine is the result of stress or lifestyle change it's crucial to find relief fast. Our IV therapy for migraines includes a mix of vitamins, minerals and optional add-in medications, like:

  • Magnesium: Magnesium helps relieve pain and reduce light sensitivity.
  • Vitamin B complex: Contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, and B6 to reduce the severity of migraines and aid in preventing another migraine from occurring. 
  • Toradol: Toradol is an optional anti-inflammatory that is stronger than ibuprofen.
  • Zofran: Zofran is an optional and effective anti-nausea drug to reduce vomiting.

How Much Does Mobile IV Therapy in Mansfield Cost?

Take advantage of our affordable pricing packages to fit your needs. You can also add supplements and medications to your drip IV. Enjoy even more savings with deals and specials in our VIP program

How to Book a Mobile IV in Mansfield

Call on Lone Star IV Medics anytime you need an IV. We have several locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area to provide patients with prompt, reliable service. Contact us for outstanding mobile IV therapy in Mansfield, TX.

IV Therapy FAQs

1Are IV drips worth the money?
Obviously, we think the answer is yes, but only you can really answer this question for yourself. Many of our customers come back to us time and time again to receive IV therapy in Mansfield for things like Fast and effective rehydration Immune support Hangover relief Cold and flu relief Help with exhaustion and fatigue Nausea relief If you think that mobile IV therapy in Mansfield, TX, could help you, why not try a session? We offer a variety of IVs at different price points. You can also create your own custom IV by using our add-ins. See how you feel a few days after your IV session. If your energy levels, focus, and body feel better, then IV therapy may be a good health option for you.
2How much does IV therapy cost?
The cost of an IV therapy in Mansfield, TX, will depend on the company you choose and the specific IV solution you request. Typically, the more vitamins, minerals, and medications added to an IV, the higher the IV will cost. One last thing to note is that at Lone Star IV Medics, the cost of your IV includes all costs related to having a medical professional arrive at your location and administer the IV.
3How long does IV therapy take?
From start to finish, IV vitamin therapy in Mansfield, TX, typically takes 45 minutes to an hour. This includes the time it takes our medical professional to perform a short health history and medical assessment, set up the IV, administer the IV, and put away all their equipment after the session is complete. They may also take extra time to answer all your questions before starting the procedure.
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