IV Therapy for Migraines in Houston, TX

Don't let an intense migraine or headache bring your day to a screeching halt. With quick and comfortable migraine infusion therapy in Houston from Lone Star IV Medics, you can turn your day around. One of our medical professionals will come to your home, office, hotel room or another space to offer you the most convenient treatment — without you needing to go anywhere. 

Find Relief With Infusion Therapy for Migraines in Houston

Lone Star IV Medics offers mobile IV migraine treatment near Houston. With a large team of compassionate healthcare providers, we can be by your side in an hour or less to help you experience rapid relief from the symptoms associated with migraines.

Migraine IV Therapy Ingredients

Jam-packed with many helpful vitamins and minerals, our most popular IV package, the Myers' Cocktail, offers essential nutrients for fast headache and migraine symptom relief. The treatment's sterile saline solution will leave you hydrated and rejuvenated, combatting any headaches caused by dehydration. The Myers' Cocktail also contains vitamins and nutrients such as: 

  • Vitamin C: This awesome antioxidant fortifies your immune system, helps manage your blood pressure and battles inflammation.
  • Zinc: This essential micronutrient can help reduce the frequency of migraines and improve your metabolism. 
  • Vitamin B12 and B complex: These vitamins are helpful for aura migraines or light- and sound-triggered migraines. Vitamin B12 can also help prevent migraines. 
  • Magnesium: This nutrient aids patients with aura migraines by alleviating light and sound sensitivity and may help minimize nausea and pain. 
  • Glutathione: This potent antioxidant battles oxidative stress by neutralizing free radicals, which can keep pulsing headaches at bay. 

Your medical provider from Lone Star IV Medics can also add more medications to your IV package to combat specific symptoms. These medications include:

  • Zofran: This powerful anti-nausea drug helps nullify nausea and reduces vomiting in patients with migraines. 
  • Toradol: You can alleviate the pain of a blinding headache with this potent pain reliever. 

You'll receive custom care if you use our infusion therapy for migraines in Houston. One of our medical providers will assess your condition and create a custom IV package to address your symptoms. 

How Much Does Migraine IV Therapy Cost in Houston?

Going to the ER can leave a dent in your wallet. ER rooms are also busy, with healthcare providers often dividing their attention among patients. Side-step steep fees and crowded areas by receiving migraine infusion therapy at your Houston home. Lone Star IV Medics offers affordable mobile IV services, and we'll cover our own transportation costs — to and from your location. You can also count on the most attentive care, as our medical team member will closely monitor your condition throughout treatment.

How to Book IV Migraine Treatment in Houston

Lone Star IV Medics has helped many people find relief from uncomfortable migraine symptoms — our 1000+ stellar online reviews tell the tale. Our medical professionals are ready to help you enjoy the same positive experiences as our other pleased patients. Easily book Houston migraine IV therapy online today.

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