IV Therapy for Hangovers in Houston, TX

Everyone's body reacts differently to alcohol. You might enjoy a night out and have one glass of wine or several, and then struggle with fatigue, nausea, headaches, dizziness, and sound and light sensitivity the following day. Lone Star IV Medics can treat your symptoms with our mobile IVs for hangovers near Houston.

Experience Relief With Hangover IV Therapy in Houston

Mobile IV Nurses offers hangover IV therapy in Houston in the comfort of your home. We can also offer treatment in your office chair, hotel room or wherever else you find yourself. With over 200 licensed healthcare professionals ready to be dispatched, we can be at your door an hour after you schedule an appointment. 

Our commitment to providing patients with the best medical professionals and IV products has resulted in over 1000 raving online reviews. We're ready to show our dedication to you when you book a hangover IV in Houston.

Ingredients in Our Hangover IV Drip

Our most popular IV package, the Myers’ Cocktail, is packed with various elements to speed up your recovery. For example, this treatment contains a sterile saline solution to help you replenish the fluids you lost through alcohol consumption and mitigate your dehydration-induced hangover symptoms. 

The solution also carries vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that aid hangover recovery and offer additional benefits like enhanced energy levels and stronger immunity. These beneficial elements include:

  • Vitamin C: This potent vitamin can reinforce your immune system.
  • B complex and vitamin B12: B vitamins can provide the energy you need to recover and continue with daily tasks. They also help your brain navigate through hangover fogginess.
  • Zinc: This mineral aids with the metabolism of alcohol by allowing ethanal, a compound in alcohol, to break down quickly.
  • Magnesium: Alcohol consumption quickly depletes magnesium, and you want more of this nutrient to help with sore muscles, low energy and fatigue.
  • Glutathione: This compound may help the body break down toxins left by alcohol, which can speed up your recovery.

Your healthcare provider from Lone Star IV Medics will assess your hangover symptoms and determine if you would also benefit from having the following medications in your IV cocktail:

  • Toradol: This powerful pain medication nullifies hangover headaches. 
  • Zofran: This anti-nausea medication quenches queasiness. 
  • Pepcid: This medication for acid reflux helps with vomiting and an upset stomach. 

How Hangover IV Therapy Works

Once you schedule an appointment, a Lone Star IV Medics medical professional will visit your Houston location and check your vital signs. They will also assess your symptoms and suggest an IV package tailored to alleviate your hangover hang-ups. Your provider can make a tailored IV package on location. With customized treatment, you're sure to find quick relief. 

Book an At-Home Hangover IV in Houston

Trust Lone Star IV Medics to relieve your hangover symptoms, strengthen your immunity and leave you feeling reinvigorated. If you're struggling with hangover symptoms, schedule a hangover IV at home in Houston today. We're ready to meet you at your door, and we'll cover our own transportation costs.

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