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Are you not feeling 100%? Maybe you tore through the Spring Creek Forest Preserve Nature Trail on a vigorous bike ride, played too much in the sun at the Hawaiian Waters Garland water park or partied too hard at popular night spots like the Lakewood Brewing Company. Whatever has you feeling down, IV therapy in Garland can lift you up again so you’re recharged and rejuvenated.

IV therapy restores your health when you’re not feeling good, whether you’re sick, exhausted or struggling with symptoms due to a medical condition. You can find fast, effective relief with Lone Star IV Medics. We offer Garland IV therapy that rehydrates the body and eases discomfort with vitamin-rich fluids. Call us for IV infusions at your home, office or other convenient location.

Our team of health care providers offers high-quality IV therapy. They’re experts in personalized patient care and rigorous safety protocols, ensuring your IV experience is comfortable and brings you the best possible results. We have the consulting guidance and expertise of a doctorally prepared pharmacist (Pharm.D.), naturopathic doctor (N.D.) and medical direction provided by a board-certified physician (M.D. or D.O.). All of our team members are dedicated to serving you.

Uses of IV Therapy Near Garland, TX

Our Garland IV therapy patients rely on us to help them with symptoms of many health issues. IV therapy is a versatile treatment that works well for symptoms of everything from the common cold to chronic migraines. Dehydration is a side effect or symptom of countless health conditions, and IV fluids rehydrate quickly with vitamins, minerals and electrolytes infused directly into the bloodstream. Hangovers, altitude sickness, food poisoning — IV therapy can help resolve these issues and many others.

IV infusions are also helpful for people who undertake intense athletic events, whether running a marathon or hiking the miles of trails in Rowlett Creek Preserve. IV therapy can be used to hydrate before an event or for recovery afterward for top athletic performance. You don’t even have to feel unwell to take advantage of IV therapy’s benefits. Some people integrate IVs into their health maintenance routine with regularly scheduled appointments.

In Garland, IV mobile therapy can meet all those needs, and you can trust Lone Star IV Medics to get the job done. We take the time to tailor treatments for each patient. We review your health history and current symptoms with you so we can customize your IV therapy. Our medical professionals may add supplements or medication to your IV or recommend a course of treatment such as the popular Myers’ Cocktail to banish fatigue and increase energy. Work with Lone Star IV Medics to experience the difference IV therapy can make in your life.

We take the time to work with you and get to know your needs so we can pick the right treatment for you. For your appointment, we will show up at the location of your choice in our service areas to administer the infusion. The entire process only takes 45 to 60 minutes, so you can start feeling better as soon as possible! Call us for responsive mobile IV therapy in Garland.

Treat Dehydration

When you're dehydrated, drinking water can restore fluids, but it may not be the fastest way to recover. IVs for dehydration allow you to rehydrate your body faster by bringing hydration to your bloodstream without passing through the digestive system first. These IVs work well for a range of customers, like:

  • Athletes completing intense workouts
  • People with sicknesses including nausea and diarrhea
  • Those who spend time outside in the hot climate

Even if you think you stay well-hydrated, you may drink less water than you should. Signs of dehydration include thirst, headaches and fatigue. Our IV infusions hydrate you and provide energy to keep you going.

Relieve Migraines

You don't have to suffer through migraine. As someone with migraine, you've likely tried many methods to rid yourself of severe headaches, light and sound sensitivity, nausea and other symptoms. IV therapy can reduce your symptoms and may even limit migraine frequency so you can enjoy more migraine-free days. Here are a few vitamins, minerals and medications in our IV drips that treat migraine symptoms:

  • B complex
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin B12
  • Toradol
  • Zofran

Ease Morning Sickness

Morning sickness typically starts during the first trimester of pregnancy and may last through the end. It also occurs any time of day, not just in the morning. Our medical professionals at Lone Star IV Medics offer IV therapy at home with effective IV solutions.

Resolve your nausea with Zofran, an anti-nausea medication we can add. Our IVs also restore fluids and nutrients lost through vomiting, keeping you and your baby healthier throughout the pregnancy. Since it passes through your veins rather than your digestive system, it's faster and more effective.

Recover from Food Poisoning

Whether you recently ate out or had some leftovers that went bad, a mobile IV treatment is an excellent option for managing symptoms and restoring fluids and nutrients. Our most common IV for those struggling with nausea and vomiting is the Myers' Cocktail. It includes fluids, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to rehydrate you and restore lost nutrients.

Our licensed professionals can also add anti-nausea medication to help you recover faster. We'll visit you anywhere in Garland to provide food poisoning symptom relief.

Alleviate Hangovers

Enjoy drinks with friends and recover fast the next day with IV hangover treatment. Hangovers often cause headaches, nausea, irritability and other uncomfortable symptoms. Our IV treatments rehydrate you after alcohol consumption. They also include essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to increase energy, clear the body of contaminants and reduce inflammation. Within an hour, you'll be ready to tackle the rest of your weekend plans.

How Much Does Mobile IV Therapy in Garland Cost?

Our Garland mobile IV therapy patients and anyone we serve appreciate our affordable pricing packages. Contact us with your questions about the right IV package for you. There are additional costs for add-on items and custom packages.

How to Book a Mobile IV in Garland

Lone Star IV Medics is the most reliable provider of mobile IV therapy in Garland, Texas. Book your appointment via phone or text at (212) 470-2008 or schedule online today for top-notch vitamin infusions in Garland.


1Are Vitamin IV Drips Worth It?
IV drip therapy is definitely worth the investment at Lone Star IV Medics. We have a diverse array of versatile IV treatments to suit any health condition, and our staff of medical professionals is hands down the best in their field. Best of all, you get this convenience, effectiveness and safety for a reasonable fee — we’ve designed our pricing menu to meet just about every price point.
2How Long Does Vitamin IV Therapy Last in Your System?
IV fluids are typically processed and excreted through your body in a few days, but the effects of the ingredients in those fluids can be felt for days or weeks. The specific length of time depends on you and your unique circumstances. Age, health condition, symptoms and IV ingredients are just some of the factors that can affect your body’s response to IV therapy. Have more questions? Contact our experienced team to learn more about IV vitamin therapy in Garland, Texas.
3How Often Should You Get Vitamin IV Therapy?
The frequency of your IV infusions depends on their purpose. Why are you seeking IV therapy? If you want to maintain consistent, elevated energy levels or support your overall wellness, you may want regular treatment weekly, every other week or monthly. You may also get IV infusions on a semi-regular basis, like hydrating and conditioning for a grueling athletic event or managing symptoms related to flare-ups of conditions such as migraines. And, of course, IVs are reliable when you are ill, hungover or jet-lagged. We can set up IV therapy that meets your particular needs!
4Does IV Treatment Work?
Yes, IV therapy has been a standard treatment method in clinical settings, such as doctor’s offices, hospitals and urgent care centers, for decades. IV infusions offer rapid rehydration, delivering vitamins, minerals and medications to the bloodstream. It’s a flexible treatment used to address a variety of issues. Contact us to learn more about our IV hydration therapy in Garland, Texas.
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