IV Therapy for Hangovers in Dallas, TX

Feeling nauseous and have a pounding headache after spending a night out drinking with friends? You likely have a hangover, which can occur when your body is dehydrated and lacking vitamins and minerals due to drinking too much alcohol. Thankfully, you can feel better quickly with IV hydration.

This treatment helps alleviate hangover symptoms by rehydrating your body and restoring the vitamins you lost while drinking. Choose Lone Star IV Medics to benefit from speedy and effective mobile IV hangover treatments in Dallas, Texas.

How Long Does It Take to Feel Better After IV Hydration?

The time it takes to feel better following IV hydration varies depending on your health and how dehydrated you are. Most patients report symptoms improving shortly after the treatment. IV hydration treatment works better than other hangover relief strategies because it provides fluids, electrolytes and other nutrients straight into the veins, bypassing the digestive system and helping your body absorb them more quickly. 

This treatment helps to rehydrate you and alleviate common symptoms of dehydration, such as weariness, a headache, dizziness and a dry mouth. After receiving a hangover IV drip, you may experience enhanced energy, mental clarity and mood. You may also find that your skin becomes more moisturized and bright.

What IV Therapy Is Best for Hangovers?

Lone Star IV Medics provides our popular Myers' Cocktail as a hangover IV drip remedy to address the source of your symptoms with effective treatment. The hangover drip kit includes:

  • IV fluid: Most hangover symptoms result from dehydration, so restoring your body's water levels is an important first step toward feeling better. Our IV fluids include saline and electrolytes, which help achieve this goal and alleviate symptoms like headaches and a dry mouth.
  • B complex: This additive comprises five B vitamins and can assist with energy, mood, brain function and metabolic performance. It also helps restore the normal amount of these vitamins in your system. 
  • Vitamin B12: This beneficial fluid-soluble supplement is key for maintaining steady energy levels. Receiving the vitamin through our IV infusion is the most effective method for reaping the advantages.
  • Zinc: Zinc helps you bounce back from your hangover by providing the assistance your body needs to repair damaged tissue.
  • Glutathione: Glutathione may be the most crucial nutrient for your hangover. This substance is responsible for breaking down the toxins alcohol leaves in your system, and it has anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Magnesium: Magnesium will be your best friend if you have a headache, as this nutrient can help reduce migraine symptoms.
  • Vitamin C: This crucial vitamin assists by reducing your inflammation and supporting your immune health.

Your care provider may also include IV additives like NSAID and anti-nausea medication to your drip if they feel that you would benefit from them.

Consider Hangover IV Drip Services Near You

Lone Star IV Medics can help you get back on your feet and feel better when your hangover is making everyday tasks challenging. We provide hangover IV therapy services in Dallas and numerous other places around Texas, and our nearby crew is ready to assist you. Contact us now to schedule your mobile IV treatment and enjoy relief from your symptoms!

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