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IV therapy is an innovative treatment that can make you feel better fast when you’re struggling with anything from the flu to a migraine. It delivers optimal results in a safe, effective way during a brief treatment session. In McKinney, IV therapy is available whenever and wherever you need it with Lone Star IV Medics.

We’re renowned for our mobile IV therapy in McKinney. Our team provides excellent IV service — just like you’d get in a hospital or doctor’s office — at a location most convenient for you, such as your home or office.

All of our IV infusions in McKinney, Texas, are performed by healthcare providers who uphold the highest standards of safety and patient care. Our expertise is enhanced by the consulting guidance of a doctorally prepared pharmacist (Pharm.D.) and naturopathic doctor (N.D.), with medical direction provided to our team by a board-certified physician (M.D. or D.O.). Everyone at Lone Star IV Medics is committed to your health and well-being.

Recover Fast With IV Therapy Near McKinney, TX

It’s easy to stay active and entertained in McKinney. During the day, you can explore the wonders within the 289-acre Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary. At night, it’s time to savor the offerings at the bars, restaurants and nightspots in historic Downtown McKinney.

However, you don’t want too much of a good thing. It’s easy to get dehydrated, whether you’re hiking around the nature preserve or partying at the local clubs. A vitamin infusion in McKinney can restore balance by replacing lost fluids and easing dehydration symptoms.

But there’s so much more you can do with a simple drip IV. Versatility is one of the best things about IV therapy, and Lone Star IV Medics offers a diverse array of IV treatments to target the symptoms of many health issues. We’ve helped our McKinney IV therapy patients find relief with fluids rich in vitamins, electrolytes, minerals and other ingredients that support good health. These fluids go straight to the bloodstream, so they start working quickly.

Dehydration is often a symptom or side effect of various health conditions. Your body can lose fluids through illnesses such as flu or food poisoning, hangovers or issues like morning sickness. You can also get dehydrated as a side effect of migraines or as a result of intense workouts or athletic events. IV therapy rehydrates the body so it functions normally again. Some people rely on specific IVs like cutting-edge NAD+ therapy for anti-aging benefits, regularly scheduling them as part of a wellness regimen.

Lone Star IV Medics provides McKinney mobile IV therapy treatment that is second to none. We give every patient personalized attention — we get to know their health history and listen to their health concerns to develop the IV treatment that will get the best results. We have several IVs to choose from, such as the well-known Myers’ Cocktail for energy, or you can customize your IV with a specific blend of supplements or medications. We’ll make sure you reap the benefits of IV therapy.

Food Poisoning

When you experience nausea, diarrhea and vomiting, the culprit may be something you ate. Food sometimes carries bacteria, viruses or parasites that can make you sick. A mobile IV treatment from Lone Star IV Medics can resolve food poisoning symptoms. Here are a few ingredients in our IVs that may help you feel better:

Settle your churning stomach and restore lost nutrients to speed your recovery from food poisoning.

Morning Sickness

Among the many changes that happen to your body within the first months of pregnancy, morning sickness is a common and frustrating symptom. You may experience this symptom for various reasons, including:

  • Changing hormones
  • Stress
  • Low blood sugar
  • Fatigue

Whatever the reason, IV therapy offers the solution. This treatment provides relief for nausea and vomiting by restoring fluids and nutrients. Our health care professionals can also add Zofran medication to treat nausea. You’ll feel better and promote better health throughout your pregnancy with a combination of medication, fluids and nutrients.


A hangover can ruin your weekend with headaches, nausea and general sick feelings. You may want to stay in bed all day but need to get things done. A hangover IV treatment provides powerful symptom relief to get you going. The saline provides hydration while other vitamins, minerals and antioxidants cleanse toxins and contribute to better overall health. We'll come to your house or hotel room to provide treatment so you can stay comfortable while you deal with hangover symptoms.


Migraines often strike suddenly and unexpectedly, leaving you out of commission for hours or days. They may come on for several reasons, including:

  • Stress
  • Loud noises
  • Alcohol use
  • Hormone changes
  • Lack of sleep
  • Severe weather changes

Whatever the cause, Lone Star IV Medics offers relief with migraine IV treatments. These treatments include magnesium and B vitamins, which have been shown to calm symptoms and reduce future migraine attacks. You can also add medications for pain and nausea as needed.


Just finish an intense workout? Or maybe you had a busy day and forgot to drink water. These situations often cause dehydration, which leads to other uncomfortable symptoms like headaches and fatigue. Some common solutions include:

  • Carrying a reusable water bottle
  • Eating foods with high water content
  • Drinking water with every meal

A quicker solution is IV hydration treatments. These IVs include saline and electrolytes to keep you hydrated. They also supply nutrients directly to your bloodstream, restoring hydration and alleviating symptoms faster than other hydration methods.

How Much Does Mobile IV Therapy Cost in McKinney, TX?

IV vitamin therapy in McKinney, Texas, is affordable with a diverse lineup of pricing packages offered by Lone Star IV Medics, with the option to add supplements or medications for nominal fees. We will help you find the best IV treatment for you. There are additional costs for add-on items and custom packages.

How to Book a Mobile IV in McKinney, TX

Lone Star IV Medics is your best choice for high-quality IV therapy. And you can access this top-tier service throughout Texas in any of the multiple locations we serve. It’s easy to book an appointment for an IV infusion when you schedule online or call/text at (214) 470-2008. Contact us today to schedule your appointment for mobile IV therapy in McKinney, Texas.


1How Can I Get IV Fluids at Home?
At-home IV service is easy with mobile IV therapy from Lone Star IV Medics. Our team members are available daily to visit your home with all the necessary IV equipment. They will perform the infusion in a space where you can relax and remain comfortable. Your vital signs will be checked prior to treatment, and you will be monitored throughout the session to ensure the safest possible experience. All of our medical professionals are experts in IV hydration therapy in McKinney, Texas, so you can rest assured you will be in good hands. Each session lasts around 45-60 minutes.
2Can IV Therapy Be Done at Home?
Yes, but only with a reliable, trusted mobile IV provider like Lone Star IV Medics. With our mobile IV therapy in McKinney, you don’t have to travel to a medical facility such as a hospital emergency room or urgent care center (which is especially helpful when you’re sick). At-home service also gives you scheduling flexibility — our daily service allows you to make evening or weekend appointments that best fit your schedule. Finally, getting an IV at home gives you peace and privacy you wouldn’t find at a crowded IV lounge.
3Is IV Therapy Worth the Money?
Yes! You’re worth the investment in your health, and our powerful vitamin infusions in McKinney are reasonably priced, so IV therapy won’t take a huge bite out of your budget. Talk with our team members about all the pricing options we offer so you can find the one that works for you.
4Who Can Administer an IV in Texas?
Only licensed health care providers are allowed to administer at-home IV treatments in Texas, according to state law. At Lone Star IV Medics, we pride ourselves on the high caliber of our team’s expertise and their commitment to excellent patient care. Our medical professionals are best in class at performing IV vitamin therapy in McKinney, Texas.
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